Sunday, 22 November 2015

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive

Do you know that feeling when you just shaved your legs and they would look and feel great if it wasn't for your dry winter skin? Well, I do and I hardly ever shave my legs in winter time due to that. Don't get me wrong, I do remove the hair but I use sugaring wax or an epilator. So I was all ears when I heard Gillette developed a razor especially for people with named winter skin problem. The Venus Embrace Sensitive* allows you to shave your legs without irritating winter skin. 

But what makes this razor extra dry-skin-friendly? The five sharp blades are closer together to reduce the pressure per blade. An added aloe vera moisture strip allows the razor to gently glide over your skin. 

I put the razor to the test without high expectations because my skin tends to get really dry after shaving and I wasn't using shave gel. The handle is soft and provides a good grip which makes it easy to use. As Gillette promises, the razor leaves the skin hair-free and smooth. I observed my skin for a while but it didn't get any dryer or irritated the way it usually would. I'm surprised and extremely pleased with the performance of the product and I'll definitely shave my legs more often during this winter. To get a clean and smooth result and to prevent ingrown hair it's essential to change blades if they're not sharp enough anymore but I'm sure you already know that. 

For the holiday season, Venus Embrace Sensitive is available in a gift set. It comes with this pretty turquoise and glittery makeup bag and three cartridges for CHF 29.90. 

I highly recommend this product not only to people with sensitive skin but generally to everyone whose skin tends to get a little dry during winter. The Venus Embrace Sensitive shaves gently without worsening the condition of your winter skin, I'm really happy with the product. 

What's your preferred method of hair removal during winter?

Have a lovely evening,

*Press sample


  1. I love how it comes with a little bag! That would be very handy as my many razors and blades take up a shelf in my bathroom and look messy - would be so much better if I popped them in a little bag!

    Thanks for sharing

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Wow how many razors do you own? :) I just replace them every now and then (read: I loose them) so there are never more than about two left. But that bag is really cute indeed :)

  2. The bag reminds me of a mermaid!
    Charlotte //

  3. I have this one too and as always with Venus I like it. Also loving the glittery pouch.

    1. Did you also notice a difference regarding the moisture band? I really think it's better with this one...


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