Sunday, 29 November 2015

Le Petit Marseillais Autumn 2015

Le Petit Marseillais recently treated me with four of their lovely autumn products. I'll start with the nourishing lip balm which smells like shea heaven! It contains 4.9 grams with the secret ingredients shea butter, beeswax and aloe and it's made to repair dry and cracked lips. It's very pleasant to use and it does take good care of your poor winter lips. 

I love this stuff! Seriously! It's meant to be for men so it's my boyfriend's product now (he thinks it's great) but I steal it from time to time (because I think it's great too). The Bois d'Oranger et Argan shower gel is one of those men-friendly two in one products you could use on your body as well as on your hair. It smells like a very manly orange combined with something slightly herbal and Mr. T smells fantastic after using it! It's ph-neutral and the product is suitable for sensitive skin too. 

I only gave the Bois d'Oranger shower gel to my significant other because the parcel included an in-shower treat for me as well. I'm not selfish or something but these products just smell divine! This product, the Huile de noisette & Gelée Royale de Grèce shower oil is from the Recettes Méditerranéennes line and it's a perfect winter shower gel. I say shower gel because it's not as oily as you'd expect a shower oil to be. It has the benefit of an oil and nourishes your skin but it still washes like a shower gel, do you know what I mean? It's the best out of both. The product contains hazelnut oil (please ignore the fact that there are almonds in the pictures but I couldn't find hazelnuts in my cupboard) and Royal Jelly, a honey bee secretion high in sugar and this is what you smell. It's a sweet and warm scent which I really like during winter. The gel feels lovely on the skin and it develops a little foam even though it's oil based. 

The Pur Savon liquid soap contains 300ml of lavender scented liquid soap. If you like lavender you should try this! The scent comes from the essential lavender oils in the soap. It foams the way I like my hand soap to foam and it leaves my hands feel very clean. Some soaps leave my hands clean and dry but this one makes them feel clean without the dry feeling which is important for me in winter time where my hands get too dry all the time. I'm not a huge fan of lavender scented products but I'm able to ignore the scent because the product itself is good. 

Le Petit Marseillais creates great smelling products for quite a while now and they're available from CHF 3.85 for the shower gels to CHF 4.85 for the oils so the products are very affordable for the quality they deliver. 

Do you like LPM products?

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  1. The lip balm sounds lovely - in this weather I always need a good lip balm to chuck in my bag for the day to make sure my lips stay lovely and hydrated. Great post!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Thanks, Jodie! I feel as if I could hardly survive without my lip balm during winter ;)

  2. Love how you photographed these :-) I really like the smell of that shower oil.

  3. nice post love it


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