Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Louis Widmer Deodorant Aluminium Salts Free

I just returned from todays group workout and I'm really in the mood to talk about deodorant. Have you ever taken part in a group fitness class? There always seems to be that one person you'd like to recommend your deodorant to but that wouldn't be very polite... I'll recommend a deodorant to you today and that's not because I accuse you of being said person but because you're a lovely reader of my blog and this is simply what I do. 

I dare say the Louis Widmer aluminium salts-free deodorant gained quite some popularity in Switzerland. There still aren't a lot of deodorants without aluminum salts available on the market even though we know ("we" as in "science tells us") that they're bad for our body. 
The Louis Widmer Deodorant is even suitable for very sensitive skin and its ingredients neutralize the odour-causing bacteria. 
The deodorant comes in two versions, a non-scented and a slightly scented one. As I'm using this deodorant for quite a while now, I've tried both versions and I'm not equally pleased with them. They both work perfectly, I apply them once in the morning (wow, this is such a pleasant topic to talk about...) and I'm good for the entire day. What I find disturbing is the scent of the non-scented deodorant. You know, non-scented means no perfume or other yummy smelling stuff added, you get the full-on real-product-scent experience. And in this case, the product smells slightly bitter. The scent is very discreet but I can't really warm to it.  The scented version on the other hand smells divine, light and fresh and using this version I just feel fresher during the whole day. Which one you're going for is up to you, both of them do a great job and aren't doing any harm to your skin. 

As I'm no doctor and no scientist, I don't want to lecture you about the negative aspects of aluminum in deodorants, good old friend Mr. Google will gladly help you with that but be aware that after reading about aluminum salts my willingness to pay for pricier aluminum salts-free deodorants increased... 

I'm very pleased with this deodorant and there's only one thing I think you should know before you buy this little guy: If you're traveling by plane, don't bring this deodorant. At least not at this moment. The packaging can't cope with the difference in pressure and it leaks. Louis Widmer know about this problem and they're trying to fix it, so let's hope they'll be able to do so soon because I don't want to leave this product at home when I'm on vacation.

You can purchase the Louis Widmer aluminum salts-free deodorant at your local drugstore in Switzerland for CHF 19.50, which is a lot but it'll last you for a long time (if you don't bring it on a plane, I learnt the hard way...). It's trickier to get your hands on it if you're living abroad but it gets easier around Europe. If you're from another country and you know which stores sell the products in your country, please let me know.

Have you ever thought about switching to aluminum salts-free deodorants?



  1. Sounds fab, thank you for the in-depth review. :) <3


  2. I'm always looking for aluminum free deodorant, still on the hunt for the perfect one. I might try this one despite the hefty price tag …

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