Sunday, 8 November 2015

Urban Beauty United Famous Five Brush Set

The Australian brand Urban Beauty United, short UBU, is now available in Switzerland in Manor and I've got their Famous Five* brush set to put to the test. 

It's difficult not to love their design. Even though the set is very inexpensive (CHF 29.90), the brushes look chic and fun. No. 10 is a classic powder brush with natural fibers. I love how it looks but it's not as soft as I'd wish for and unfortunately, it looses bristles while applying powder. It's pretty easy to notice as you're left with bright pink bristles in the middle of your face. Anyway, I'll keep this one and you'll see it in pictures because I just really enjoy looking at it!
No. 20 is a foundation brush with nylon fibers. It's soft and the shape is good but I'm not a fan of these flat foundation brushes in general, it takes more effort to make your foundation look flawless instead of streaky than by using a stippling brush for example. I guess that's a question of personal preference...

The concealer brush No. 21 is made of nylon fibers too and I've never used it as a concealer brush. I never apply my under eye concealer with a brush but with my fingers because I think the concealer blends better into the skin when applied by warm fingers. Nevertheless, I like using this brush to apply eyeshadow when I want to "pack" some colour onto my lids. Do you use a brush to apply your concealer? Please leave your answer in the comments below :) 

No. 35 is their Tapared Blending Brush, again made of nylon fibers. This is my favourite out of the five in the set. It picks up the right amount of eye shadow and the shape is great to apply the eye shadow precisely while it still allows to blend the colour properly. The bristles are fine and extremely soft but they provide enough resistance to work with your eye shadow. 
Last in the set is No. 31, a nylon fibre eye definer brush. Again, this one provides enough resistance to apply gel eyeliner and the tip is thin enough to create a very fine line. I mostly use it to apply dark eye shadow in a V-shape around the outer corner of my eyes and it works great for that. 

All in all I'd say this is a good set for beginners or to take with you on vacation but I still prefer my MAC and Real Techniques brushes. We shouldn't forget that the price of this set is absolutely not comparable to the price of MAC brushes, you wouldn't even get one brush for the price of this whole set. So in the end I have to say that for the price of these brushes, the quality is actually pretty good. The eye definer brush and the blending brush are a good enough reason to purchase the Famous Five and let's be honest, I would have bought them anyway just because of the design. 

A friend of mine said she would be scared to use them because of the bright colour. What do you think? Is the design deterrent or to die for? 


*press sample


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