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2015 Beauty Favourites

The end of 2015 is getting closer and I put together the 10 products I enjoyed most over the year. I haven't used any of these before this year and I'm talking about these products today because even though I like a product it sometimes ends up in my drawer after testing and reviewing it. Not because the product wasn't good but because there were other products which were more convincing. These are products I included into my routine and always come back to. So without further ado I'll show you what I picked:

As you can see there are a lot of Estée Lauder products in the picture. This is mainly because I only wore Estée Lauder lipsticks and perfumes before 2015 and only got to know their product range better this year. 
I'll start with the makeup in the picture:

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer
When I did this review I was pleased with the product but not overwhelmed and I thought it's one of those "nice to have but not really necessary"-products. Somehow I never stopped using it because I could not only tell the difference in the appearance of my concealer when I wore the primer and when I didn't but also noticed my under eye area looking nicer over time. Maybe the little extra hydration is responsible for the effect? Whatever it is, it makes me happy and I'll buy the full size as soon as my mini size is empty. And that's another plus, it's nowhere near empty even though I used it pretty much every day since I got it. 
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Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer
This concealer was recommended to me a long time ago and I didn't purchase it until July this year. It is extremely pigmented but blends into the skin amazingly, you can't tell I'm wearing it but it covers my dark circles. I was looking for a concealer like this one for ages and never found a pigmented one which still looked natural, this one does and it stays where it should the whole day!
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Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation
My concealer has a matching foundation! Hooray! Together the products are a dream team, the Double Wear Light Foundation provides a light to medium coverage and evens out the skintone perfectly. It feels weightless on the skin and gives a gorgeous glow. Usually I change my foundation in winter because I need a more hydrating one than in summer but this one works equally for both seasons. Definitely worth a try if you don't know it yet!
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Smashbox Master Class Palette
Remember my new toy? I still love it! Smashbox' holiday collection this year was stunning! This palette is like a child's paint-box but for adults, it's so colorful your mood will be good as soon as you open the box in the morning. The quality of the shades is amazing, eye shadows and blushes likewise. On the first look this was way out of my comfort zone but I started to play with the colours and now I really enjoy the possibilities I get combining the shades. 
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We're done with makeup so let's talk about my 2015 skin care favourites:

Braun Facial Cleansing Brush
This is the silent hero of my skin care routine. Whenever my complexion looks a little dull I know it's time to use the cleansing brush. It's a soft and gentle brush which doesn't irritate my skin but cleanses it properly and removes dead skin cells. I wouldn't use it too often because I think it wouldn't be good for my skin but when I do I enjoy the little face massage and the feeling of my very clean face.

Caudalie Make Up Removing Cleansing Oil
This is by far my favourite product of the year! Imagine massaging your face with deliciously smelling almond oil and when you're done, your makeup is gone! It's a rhyme, it has to be good! :) It's extremely gentle, doesn't dry out your skin and doesn't leave an oily film. It manages to remove waterproof mascara quickly and it doesn't interfere with my contact lenses. I love this one but I hardly ever wear waterproof eye liner. A coworker of mine said the oil is able to remove the eye liner but it does take some effort. So be prepared! 
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Estée Lauder Day Wear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme
This is the day cream I take out of my drawer as soon as I stopped testing a new face cream. It smells fresh, hydrates and soothes my skin. Somehow my skin looks illuminated and more even whenever I used it and that's quite a few effects in one tiny pot, right? Furthermore, it's a perfect base for my Double Wear foundation. 
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GlamGlow Thirstymud
I'm a fan of the Glamglow face masks, especially the Thirstymud is very versatile. You can (obviously) use it as a mask but it works perfectly fine as a normal face cream. I prefer to use it as a night cream whenever my skin needs an extra bit of hydration. It makes my face look more plump and healthy and it smells divine. If you like Crème brulée you'll love the scent! 
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There's not really a category where the last two products would belong to together but they like to share one picture:

Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge
This is my go to perfume at the moment. I don't wear perfume every day but when I do, Modern Muse Le Rouge is my first choice. It's a young and sophisticated scent and combines fruity, oriental and floral scents. It is sweet but that's suitable during the colder seasons in my opinion. 
Read the full review here.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Volume Beautifying Oil Mist
This stuff makes my hair fluffy! But the good kind of fluffy, the voluminous and healthy fluffy! It's an oil spray which makes my hair appear thicker, shinier and more voluminous but doesn't weight it down. I spray it onto dry hair, brush though my hair and after a few minutes the result is visible. So far the best option to add volume besides texturizing sprays if you ask me.

What are your beauty favourites of this year?

Have a lovely evening


  1. Seems like we have similar tastes! Modern Muse Le Rouge is one of my favorite fragrances at the moment as well, and I agree with you completely on the Caudalie oil cleanser. And I'm also a big fan of the DW Light formula and the Smashbox palette.


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