Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Clinique High Impact Mascara

I’ve promised to write this post months ago and I finally did it! I’m talking about Clinique’s High Impact mascara today, my all time favourite mascara. It’s pretty simple why this one is the mascara of my choice, it does exactly what I want it to do. For an everyday look I want my lashes to look natural but long, curled and voluminous at the same time. I need the mascara to stay where it’s supposed to and to wash off when I want it to.
Cliniques High Impact mascara is easy to apply and separates my lashes. Due to my naturally black lashes I don’t need more than one coat to get the look I want. It lengthens my lashes without making them stick together too much. It adds the right amount of volume and with a second coat you can create a more dramatic eye look. I applied one coat for the picture. 

It does take a while till the mascara dries out after first using it but when it’s a little dry some clumps may form. The one I’ve used in the picture is about three months old now and it starts to get slightly dryer. I’d say it has an average shelf-life for a mascara. 

When it comes to staying power, the High Impact does a great job. Even though it isn’t waterproof, it lasts the whole day, doesn’t smudge when I’m working out and my lashes still look voluminous and curled in the evening. It’s easy to remove with a normal makeup remover, which is a must in my opinion. I’m still using Caudalie’s  Make-Up Removing Cleasing Oil for that. 

The Clinique High Impact mascara is pricy at CHF 35 but it definitely is worth every penny!

What’s your favourite mascara? Have you tried this one, does it work that well for you too?

Enjoy your evening!


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  1. I also love this mascara !!! I haven't had it for a really long time now but I can't wait !
    I just can't quite justify spending that much until I'm sure that there's nothing as good at the drugstore :P

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