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Introducing L'Alpage: L'Hydralpine Ultra-Moisturising Cream 24h

Back in October I had the chance to meet Julien Gibert, the founder of L'Alpage Suisse, a Swiss cosmetics brand. I didn't know the brand before and I'd like to tell you more about it today:

The philosophy of the brand is to combine a high percentage of natural ingredients (average: 85%) with active ingredients from the high-technology skin care "to sublimate your beauty". Their products are inspired by Swiss nature and are designed and produced in Switzerland. All of them are paraben, triclosan and parafin free and not tested on animals. 

Their boxes are mostly folded origami. The reason behind this isn't only the cute design, it's to avoid using glue. The packaging of the products is recyclable to increase sustainability. 

The product I'm showing you today is L'Hydralpine Ultra-Moisturising Cream 24h* which was nominated for the Annabelle Prix de Beauté 2015. As you can tell, the cream is blue but the colorants are natural. The cream is water based and contains glacier water, wheat, organic masterwort and stem cells of the Gamay grape. 

The L'Hydralpine Ultra-Moisturising Cream 24h is a moisturizer for young and normal skin and is said to hydrate the skin for 24h. Wheat and active ingredients help to maintain hydration, the stem cells help to reduce the UV-induced stress. 
I've tested this product on a daily basis for over three weeks now and I'm ready to see whether it lives up to its claims. 

The texture is very light and easy to distribute. It looks like a cream but as soon as you apply it, it feels like a gel on the skin and it sinks in unusually quickly and leaves a fresh feeling. 
It contains perfume but the scent isn't anything special, it's a typical cream scent. I can't test the claim that it reduces UV-induced stress but I sure can talk about hydration. My skin is dry in winter and even though the weather doesn't look that way, it's winter now and my skin is dryer than usual without some extra TLC. This moisturizer provides enough hydration for my skin and it sinks in fast so it builds a nice base for my foundation. It doesn't deliver 24h hydration in my case but to be honest, I can't think of a moisturizer which was able to do that for my skin during winter. 

This product feels like very basic skin care. It hydrates my skin and that's it, there's no additional fancy effect. I think this is very suitable for young women or people with sensitive skin or everyone in search of a simple but good moisturizer. Combine it with a serum with the little extra of whatever you need and you're good to go, this works just fine for me.
For CHF 46.95 you get 50ml in a glass jar. 

I like the concept of L'Alpage products so these won't be my last ones. I'm especially interested in the products from their Mielicime line because I love the smell of honey. I'm testing two of the products right now, stay tuned for the review. 

L'Alpage enables a lovely unboxing experience as well which I wanted to share with you. It's Christmas soon and if you're looking for a gift for a loved one, there are products for women and men, young and old. You may go to the L'Alpage boutique in Lausanne or order the products online via l-alpage.ch (Switzerland only) and they come in cute boxes:

What do you think of the concept of L'Alpage? 
I'm really interested in your opinion, so feel free to leave a comment below. 


*press sample

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  1. This sounds amazing! I'm always on the look out for new moisturizers as I like to switch up my routine so I don't use the same one every day!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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