Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Alessandro International Cosmic Chic Collection

Spring's here! There's still snow outside and it didn't get really cold in Switzerland until last week but beauty-wise it's nearly spring season. The brands are launching their new collections and the soft colours already get me into a spring-mood. 
Last week Alessandro International's spring collection Cosmic Chic* arrived in my postbox and I'm really excited to show you these beautiful nail polishes:

Five shades are available in the Cosmic Chic collection: Electric Blue, a glittery and bold blue, Heavenly Skies, the soft sky blue in the photo above, Milky Way, which is the light lilac color, Rocket Man, which is somewhere in between mauve and taupe and Cosmic Pink, a fun and bright pink shade. All of the shades are available as Striplacs too. 
As you can tell, the collection is a mixture between bright shades and pastels. The three nail polishes I received are all pastels which I really enjoy wearing during spring. 

This is Heavenly Skies, the colour I liked most on first sight. It's fresh and light which makes it very suitable for spring. I'm really into sky blue details at the moment so I guess I'll wear this most. 

On the picture above you can see Milky Way. Even though I rather wear rose and pink shades instead of lilac, this nail polish won me over. It's not too soft and not too bright and I think it works well with my skin tone. 

The last shade I got is Rocket Man. I'd say it's taupe with a bit of mauve mixed in, what do you think? The colour is chic and unobtrusive but not a real spring colour in my opinion, which is fine because I want to wear it now anyway... 

The quality of the nail polishes is the same, their texture is quite runny so after the first coat it looks slightly streaky but a second coat delivers an even surface and opaque look. It dries rather quickly and doesn't chip too fast. It lasted on my nails for a good three days without a top coat. The finish is glossy on the first day but it tarnishes a little after a day or two.

Overall, I think the collection is put together very nicely. The shades aren't standard, they all look more exciting on the nails than in packaging and they're still easy to wear. 
Cosmic Chic is available from February 2016 for CHF 7.50 (5ml) in drugstores, Jelmoli, Manor, Marionnaud and many more. 

Do you like the colours in the collection? 


*press sample


  1. These are all such gorgeous colours!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I love pastels, such nice colours!

    Meme x

  3. The last shade is absolutely stunning ! I've actually never tried that brand but I should give it a go methinks ;)

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. They do have some lovely and unique colours! And it seems to me they're always quite innovative with their products, I'd give them a go :)


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