Sunday, 31 January 2016

First Impression: Guhl Tiefen Aufbau Shampoo & Conditioner

Guhl is a traditional Swiss haircare brand which has been established for 70 years now. For their anniversary they redesigned their packaging and gave their beststeller "Tiefen Aufbau" a new formulation. 

I've got the shampoo and conditioner at their spring anniversary event where they had their product line on display. Some of you might have seen the picture on my Instagram already but here it is again because the colourful line just makes me happy: 

Today's blogpost is a first impression on the Tiefen Aufbau shampoo and conditioner. It's created to treat, regenerate and protect damaged hair. It contains Manoi-oil, a traditional Tahitian "beauty-elixir" rich in proteins and lipids to strengthen the hair and give it a silky glow. The Keratin-complex regenerates and protects it. 

The shampoo and conditioner smell fruity in the first place but there's a second, warmer note which develops while using the products. It's quite strong but not overpowering and it makes washing your hair a more pleasant experience. 

Guhl invited a hair expert to the event who analyzed my hair and she told me my hair is quite fine (something I already knew) and doesn't need extra care. She recommended to skip conditioner and hair masks in my case and only use them when my hair needs more hydration (that I didn't know!). She knew the goodie-bag contained these two products and  let me know they might be too heavy for my hair and she was right.

I really enjoyed the scent of the products and they developed a lovely amount of foam while shampooing but my hair isn't damaged and it doesn't need regeneration so it looked quite flat after using the products. I'll definitely keep them in case my hair needs some tender and loving care but it's not an everyday product for me. 

Nevertheless, if your hair is damaged I'd definitely recommend to check these out, they smell amazing and they're really good value for money. You can purchase them for about CHF 10 each. 

Do you know Guhl? Do you think this line would be suitable for you?



  1. I tried this range a few years back and I quite liked all the products.

  2. For some reason I never really felt attracted to that brand. Have you tried anything from them that you like ?
    It's like a whole new world to explore :P

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Not yet, but one product was recommended to me (a leave in conditioner) and I'll try it. I've just always been very faithful to Kérastase and Sebastian ;)

  3. Aso ich bin mit dene beide mega zfride…. muess aber unbedingt mol die Linie für langi Hood usprobiere…. die nehmt mi mega wunder!

    Liebi Grüess Valena

    1. Ja mir het d Haarexpertin scho am Event gseit gha das das Produkt nüt seg für mini Haar aber ich has denn gliich probiert wel si eifach soooo fein schmöcked! Ich wird de Leave-in Conditioner vo dere orange Linie probiere, de händs mer empfohle gha für mini Haar :)


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