Sunday, 17 January 2016

Louis Widmer Remederm Body Cream

When I was a kid, I already suffered from very dry skin in winter and I remember my grandma taking care of it. Whenever I visited she applied extremely thick white creams to the dry patches and my skin felt better. The texture and scent of Louis Widmer's Remederm Body Cream* made me relive those memories in a good way. I can hardly remember anything from my early childhood but sometimes feelings and scents are familiar and I'm able to connect them to something that happened during the first years of my life. 

This body cream is insanely thick and it's created for people with extremely dry skin, babies with dry and sensitive skin or for pregnant women to prevent stretch marks. It contains Urea, Vitamin A and E and Panthenol, all of them highly dosed. I know Urea isn't the sexiest of ingredients if you think about it but it does a great job when it comes to treating dry skin. 

Stretch marks form in the lower layers of your skin, the hypoderm. Applied twice a day, the Remederm body cream protects, hydrates and regenerates the skin to prepare it for the extreme tension applied on it during pregnancy.
I'm not pregnant and I'm happy about that because I'm nowhere near ready to be a mom yet but I had reason to use this cream nonetheless: my dry winter skin. Especially my shins, knees and elbows need some extra attention during winter.

Because of the thick texture you need to work the cream into the skin. It helps to massage it which is good for blood circulation as well so you basically take care of your body in two ways at once. The cream is too rich to sink in quickly but it softens even the hardened parts of your skin, soothes and hydrates them. I don't apply it twice a day, it would be too much and my skin wouldn't be able to absorb it fully before I get dressed. 
In my opinion, this is like an intense night treatment for the really dry patches on your skin. It's very useful to me and the quality of the product is great but if you have normal skin I'm rather sure it would be too rich because it really is meant for very dry skin. 

Louis Widmer's Remederm Body Cream is available in Swiss drugstores for CHF 41 for 250ml and a little goes a long way with this cream so the pot will last you quite a while. 

Have you used this product? What's your opinion on it?


*Press sample


  1. Never used this but I like the sound of it because it is thick, I suffer with really dry skin because I have eczema, so the thicker the better!
    Will look in to this.

    Meme x

    1. Oh poor you! My brother has the same problem, according to Louis Widmer this might help but in his case it didn't. I hope it works for you :)


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