Sunday, 13 March 2016

Estée Lauder NightWear Plus 3-Minute Detox Mask

There are some products I get extremely excited about just by hearing about them. One of this sort is the Estée Lauder NightWear Plus 3-Minute Detox Mask. I use the DayWear Anti-Oxidant Cream religiously (I've talked about it here) so I was expecting great results from the NightWear too. 

NightWear is all about detox and relaxation for your skin. Apart from the Anti-Oxidant Night Detox Cream Estée Lauder launched the 3-Minute Detox Mask to quickly purify and detox the skin. It has the same cucumber scent as the DayWear products. 

The mask has the texture of a very gentle scrub and as it dries it leaves a powdery feeling on the skin. It contains Kaolin which is often used in cleansers and powder and helps cleansing the skin and to absorb excess oils.
After three to five minutes the mask is completely dry and ready to be washed off. Even though three minutes is a very short time for a mask to work its miracle this mask didn't leave me disappointed. My skin felt a tad bit dry but extremely smooth just like after a good scrub. Additionally, it looked calmer, more even and my pores appeared reduced. 
After applying my usual night time routine my skin felt more balanced and healthy which is something I hardly ever experience after using a product just once, I could really tell the difference. That's why I included the mask in my weekly routine, I apply it every Sunday before bed. You could use it twice a week but once works fine for me. 
At CHF 91 for 75ml the Detox Mask isn't inexpensive but you only need a tiny amount so the tube will last quite a while. In Switzerland it'll be available in mid April, so keep your eyes out for NightWear, it's worth a try :)

I hope you've spent a great weekend.



  1. I really wish I could try a nice brand like this, I rarely get to spend a lot of money on things.

    Meme xx

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  2. I really like it too and I must say that I REALLY appreciate that you only have to leave it on for 3 minutes, it makes things soooo much easier =)

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