Sunday, 6 March 2016

L'Alpage Mielicime Nourishing Shower Oil

Any honey lovers out there?
If so, here's a review for you!
Among the products I got from L'Alpage in November was the Mielicime Nourishing Shower Oil, a cleanser with low foam to help keeping your skin's natural moisture. 

Read about the little guy next to it here.
I'm pretty sure this is a love-hate product when it comes to the scent. It's extremely sweet and what I smelled first beside the honey was the alcohol in the product. Not in a penetrative way but more as if I was smelling a liqueur instead of a shower oil. This made me slightly hesitant to use it because it seemed a strange scent to me for my morning shower. An here comes the BUT: As soon as I applied the product, the alcohol wasn't noticeable anymore and the scent appeared warmer and softer. If I didn't know I wouldn't have been able to tell there's apricot in the product, the honey is definitely the stronger note and I love honey. The shower oil doesn't contain parabens or colorants and over 55% of the ingredients are natural. 

I think this is a lovely product for winter. It's an oil so it doesn't really foam in the shower, it turns kind of milky on contact with water. It's very gentle on the skin and even though it doesn't nourish the skin additionally, it doesn't leave it feeling dry either the way soaps do. I enjoy using the Mielicime Nourishing Shower Oil from time to time because it feels gorgeous and soft on the skin. Some people might not feel as "clean" as usual using a shower oil and I experience the same when I worked out. Then I just need a classic foaming shower gel but this is probably just an attitude. 

The oil comes in a 200ml bottle and costs CHF 22.95. It's available online or directly in the lovely store in Lausanne. 

Have you tried any L'Alpage products yet?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Never even heard of the brand but it sounds good :) Will have to keep my eye out.

    Meme xx

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    1. It's a lovely brand but sadly only available in Switzerland.


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