Sunday, 3 April 2016

Estée Lauder - Modern Muse Eau de Rouge

Hello lovelies! I'm nearly done with moving all my stuff to my new apartment and it already starts to feel like home. It took us a while to get our internet going but I'm back today with a review for you: Meet Modern Muse Le Rouge's baby sister - Modern Muse Eau de Rouge*. If you don't remember Le Rouge, just click on this link to get to my review. 

Modern Muse Eau de Rouge is inspired by romantic and passionate women. It's designed for the confident, flirty and elegant woman feeling young in her heart. I don't have to tell you how much I love the packaging, do I? It's cute, modern and sexy and it looks great in our new (and spacious, yay!) bathroom. 

The scent is lighter than Le Rouge and more suitable for spring. It combines two main accords, rose and wood. The rose accord contains rose petals, green notes (leaves, grass and other greens), Bourgeon de Cassis, rose pepper and raspberry. The latter is quite noticeable in the scent. 
The woody note is a combination of jasmine, vetiver, magnolia, clearwood, vanilla and ambrette seeds. 

Reading the notes, the fragrance sounds rather heavy but it's actually a very delicate and soft scent. It's sweet but light and fresh which makes it perfect for spring. I can smell the rose, raspberries, something green and a little vanilla. The longer I'm wearing it, the fruitier it smells. 

All in all I'm very happy with the scent. It's easy to wear and suitable for the office as well as a date night. It's a little girly but I like it, it definitely gets a thumbs up from me. Compared to Modern Muse Le Rouge it's less sophisticated, younger and lighter. It really is a romantic scent so it matches spring fashion too ;)

The fragrance is available for CHF 55 (30ml). 

Have you tried Modern Muse Eau de Rouge yet? 

I'm glad I'll be able to blog more often now, so I hope to see you on the blog again soon.

Have a lovely evening!


*press sample

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