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Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oléo-Complexe

In late 2015 Kérastase redesigned the packaging of their lovely Elixir Ultime Oléo-Complexe product line. Instead of the plastic bottle they now come in a glass flacon. They're a lot heavier now and somehow this makes them feel more luxurious. Kérastase sent me three of them to try* and it took me quite a while to be able to write a review because my hair doesn't need much extra care so I didn't get to use them very often. Anyway, I've used them for a while now and I'm ready to share my opinion. 

The Oléo-complex used in the three oils contains four natural oils: corn seed oil, pracaxi, argan and camellia oil. Pracaxy is a tree found in the Amazonas rainforest, it regrows quickly which is why it's used to reforest the cleared parts of the rainforest. The oil is extracted from the seed pouch. 

Elixir Ultime Original
The original version is made to add shine to your hair, protect it from heat and to make it more resistant against split ends. Additionally, your hair shouldn't get as frizzy as usual in humid weather and the time to dry your hair should be shortened. What I noticed is that it does make my hair look shiny and healthy and adds moisture to my hair. It's not too heavy but not too light either. If your hair is as fine as mine you'll have to be very careful with the oil and use the tiniest amount, otherwise it'll look greasy. In my opinion it doesn't reduce the time my hair takes to blow dry and my hair still does get frizzy with high humidity but I do tend to get really frizzy hair, so it would have been quite a surprise if my hair stayed smooth. However, it does a good job at providing extra moisture if my ends are dry. 

Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Hair Oil
Now this one earns an applause! It's an oil based volume spray designed especially for fine hair. Let me clarify this: It's oil based, so people like me with fine hair are slightly alarmed because it might weight down the hair. How on earth does an oil spray manage to put volume into my fine hair then? 
The product has two phases - one water, one oil based -, combined for an "ultra-light" formula. Intra-Cylane creates a net of molecules inside of your hair to thicken it and make it look more voluminous. The spray mist is very fine so you won't add too much to your hair in one spritz. The volume doesn't come instantly but develops over a few minutes. You could use it in wet or dry hair but out of my experience I'd recommend to use it on nearly dry or dry hair because the effect is bigger. Even though you won't get Hollywood Glamour voluminous hair, the volume is easy to notice and my hair looks naturally fuller. It hydrates my hair at the same time so this is the one I'm using most. It does what I need: Makes my hair look pretty and keeps it healthy. 

left to right: Bi-Phase, Original, The Impérial
Elixir Ultime The Impérial
This oil provides shine and deep conditioning for colour treated hair. It contains anti-oxidants to protect hair from external aggressors. Furthermore, it offers UV protection and enhances the colour in your hair. 
I do dye my hair on a regular basis but this oil is too heavy for my hair. It's recommended to use 2-4 pumps of the oil to work into the lengths but one pump is definitely enough for me. Using named amount, my hair feels extremely soft (too soft to style without adding texturizing spray) and shiny and I have to agree that it does make the different colours in my hair more visible. I lent this to my two flatmates and they really enjoyed using it. Their hair is thicker than mine so the product didn't weight down their hair but condition it nicely. 

All three products smell divine. The original version smells slightly fruity whereas the other two smell more floral. The scents linger a while but they're soft and very pleasant. 
Reading the reviews you might have noticed that the oils don't suit every hairtype. But I'm quite sure there's an oil for everyone in their range. Bi-phase works best for my hair because it's the lightest formula. If my hair's a little dry, the original does a perfect job. If your hair is color treated and not too fine, the Impérial would be the one for you. There are other oils which aren't included in this review, if you're not familiar with Kérastase yet, I'd recommend to check their products out. It's such a reliable brand and the quality of the products is amazing. At around CHF 49 each, the oils are pricy but if you've found YOUR oil, totally worth it. Additionally, the flacon contains 100ml and it takes ages to use it up, you'll get a lot of product for your money. 

Are you a fan of Kérastase products?


* all three were sent to me for free so I could put them to test

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  1. I like the sound of the bi-phase one!
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    Thanks for the review =D
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