Thursday, 19 May 2016

Yves Rocher Sublimating Oil SPF 15

The sun is out and it's time to apply sun screen all over your body again. Today I'm talking about the pretty kind of sun screen, the one you like to wear because it makes your skin look all nice and glowy. It's the Yves Rocher Sublimating Oil. 

Let's start with the scent, that's what you'll notice first. It smells warm, sweet and reminds me of sunflowers and drinks by the pool. Using this, you're basically spraying summer onto your body. Nice!

Before I start describing the product any further I want you to be aware that this product, as lovely as it is, only has an SPF 15. This might be ok if you're leaving the house for work and you're in the sun for a short time but please don't use it as your sole sun protection during lunchtime.

Other than many sun screens the Sublimating Oil doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky, it's a sun oil so your skin will feel a tad bit oily but very soft. The product hydrates your skin while protecting it against UVA rays. 

My skin is pale and needs a high SPF, so what do I use this for?
I don't know about you but I'm just too lazy in the morning to apply sun cream all over my body. 
Because this feels like a "normal" body oil, I spray it onto my legs and arms in the morning instead of a moisturizer. It keeps my skin hydrated during the day, provides a light SPF and leaves my skin looking healthy and radiant. And who doesn't like pretty legs? 

Yves Rocher's Sublimating Oil contains sea holly, which helps to protect your skin against the sun. And if you're wondering about the coconut oil in the product, I'm very sorry but you can't smell it. 

The product is not meant to be used on the face and as always, you should apply it generously to be protected against UVA rays. 

I'm planning on keeping the Sublimating Oil in the office in case I'm having a coffee on the terrace or something. I really enjoy using the product and if you don't get sunburnt easily, this would be lovely for everyday use. 

Because it's new, you may purchase it for CHF 19.90 (43% off) in your local Yves Rocher store. 

What do you think? Would you purchase the product even though it has an SPF 15?


*This product was sent for consideration, all opinions are my own. 

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