Sunday, 12 June 2016

Alessandro International Sweet as Candy Summer Collection

Have you seen "Sweet as Candy" in the stores already?
This joyfully coloured collection of nail polishes from Alessandro International has been available for a few days now and I am smitten by it. 

The collection includes five shades: Pool Party, Ice Ice Baby, Gummy Bear, Sweet Lollipop and Banana Rama. Each of them is available as a mini nail polish or a mini Striplac, both containing 5ml. 

The name of this beauty is Pool Party, can you see it? It's a minty blue shade, light and fresh which will look good on tanned skin. I've got this one as a Striplac. Texture is quite important with Striplac, it's not as easy to correct little mistakes than with normal polish so I like it if it isn't too runny and doesn't leave the polish looking streaky. The texture of Pool Party is great, it's opaque with just one coat and it applies evenly. 

Ice Ice Baby is the name of this mini nail polish, a name which doesn't quite match in my opinion. Hearing "ice" I imagine a pale blue, this shade on the other hand is darker, I'd describe it as azure. The first coat of nail polish applies a tad bit streaky but adding a second coat, the finish is smooth. Without a top coat it lasted for three days without chipping. 

Gummy Bear, you are my favourite! The colour of this Striplac reminds me of a papaya. It's a bold and very summery orange which makes even my pale skin look nicely tanned. I think it's the most wearable shade out of this collection and in my case 'wearable' means I like the colour and it's suitable for the office as well as a night out. Striplac stays on your nails for quite a while so the colour really has to be adequate to more than just one event. The texture is slightly runnier than Pool Party and it takes two coats for an opaque finish. But the colour is worth the extra effort!

Sweet Lollipop is a blueish and bright pink somewhere in between adventurous and classy. It's great for summer but I'd also wear it in other seasons. The texture of this mini nail polish is absolutely beautiful, it's opaque applying only one layer and applies perfectly even. Sadly, it doesn't last very well without a top coat. After one day the tips were chipped, after the second day I had to remove the nail polish. Next time I'll definitely apply a top coat. 

The last star in the collection is Banana Rama, not a banana yellow but a pale yellow shade. I can't think of a plant or fruit to compare it to, they're all too yellow... When I first looked at the shades of Sweet as Candy, this was the shade I was most excited to try. It covers surprisingly good considering it's such a pale colour but it doesn't apply as evenly as the other two mini nail polishes. Nevertheless, the colour is fresh and summery and puts me in a good mood. 

All in all this collection is perfect for summer. There's a shade for everyone, the colours are bright and fun and the overall quality of the products is good. I wished the mini nail polishes would last a little longer on the nails, apart from that they're a pleasure to use!

The mini nail polishes are available for CHF 7.50, the Striplacs for CHF 15.95. 

What are your thoughts on this collection? Would you wear all of the shades?


* Press samples, all opinions are my own


  1. I absolutely love all of these shades! They are gorgeous!


  2. What a pretty collection! I love the mint and the yellow! really lovely

    Nati | Zoya Giveaway @ Polished Polyglot


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