Sunday, 19 June 2016

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Mascara Feline Blacks - A Luxury for my Lashes?

Helena Rubinstein certainly knows how to make leo print look classy. I've been eyeing their mascaras for a while but couldn't bring myself to pay that much. When asked me if I'd like to write a review on it, I jumped on the opportunity. 


This stunning mascara tube is made of metal and quite heavy which makes it feel even more luxurious. The colour is called black black, which may sound strange but I guess you get the message: it's a deep black. 

This is what the product description says: "Indulge into the intensity of a mascara that majestically dresses up your lashes and voluptuously stretches them. Its generous formula enriched with ULTRA-BLACK pigments combined with an exclusive brush featuring anti-clogging bristles precisely tames your lashes for an intensely captivating look." 
Pretty fancy, huh? 

I normally don't quote the product description but in this case the description created an image in my head and with it an expectation of the performance of the product. After reading it, I expected a real "WOW-effect". Let's take a look at the result:

Not sure whether my look is extraordinarily captivating in this picture but I do love the effect of this mascara. It lengthens my lashes and lifts them from the roots, giving them a nice curl. I agree that this is 'blackblack', the colour is intense and makes my lashes appear thicker and fuller. 

The small brush with fine bristles makes it easy to apply the mascara right to the roots of the lashes and even reach the tiny lashes around the inner corner of the eyes. It allows to 'work' with the mascara and to apply it precisely wherever you need it without clumping.

Out of all the mascaras I've used, this is hands down the easiest one to apply with the most precise application. As much as I love this, there's a downside to this product I want to mention. It's not a waterproof formula - nothing new for me, I hardly ever purchase waterproof mascaras - but in this case I'd recommend to go for the waterproof version. The length and volume of my lashes survive a whole day but the product smudges under the eyes after about 8 to 10 hours. This may sound like a long time but I'm still in the office by then and don't have the time to remove the smudged bits. It doesn't smudge too badly but I prefer my mascara to stay where it's supposed to.

I'm somewhat conflicted about the Lash Queen Feline Blacks. It's such an effortless product to apply but considering its price the lasting power isn't enough for me. Still, it makes my lashes look absolutely gorgeous (this sounds a bit cocky) so I do wear it whenever I know I won't work out during the day and won't be out and about too long. This way I can enjoy the lovely product and avoid the negative bits. 

The Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen mascara Feline Blacks was sent to me by, the mascara is available in their online shop for CHF 48. They currently have a gift set on offer for CHF 47.25 including the mascara which is actually less expensive than the mascara itself so I linked the set for you. 

Have a great day!


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  1. It looks amazing on you! I haven't heard of this product or the brand before but I love the packaging and the results! I often am in town for twelve or more hours at a time so I think I would go with the waterproof version x

    1. Thanks, Katie! Yes, then I'd definitely go with the waterproof too :)

  2. Liebe Cheryl

    Ich hab noch nie eine HR Mascara getestet. Danke für den Bericht.

    LG Dana

    1. Hi Dana

      Die Mascara ist echt toll, aber leider das erste Mal, dass ich wirklich eine Wasserfeste benötigen würde.


  3. I agree, it does make your lashes look fab. Too bad it wears off...

    1. Thanks, Melissa! So sad, otherwise it would be the perfect mascara for me

  4. I haven't encountered the smudging problem (though I've had that with the YSL faux-cils one =/) but I find that it dries out/is finished way too quickly compared to my other mascara. How is it so good and so expensive ?! Unfair !
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