Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Yves Rocher Coconut Sensual Body Lotion and Shower Gel

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One of my favourite scents during summer is coconut. Even though I don't really like to eat coconut, I love pretty much everything coconut scented. Beside my Batiste coconut dry shampoo I'm currently using Yves Rocher's Coconut Sensual Body Lotion and Bath & Shower Gel. They both smell of sweet coconut but the scent is natural and not too overpowering. 

I've tested the Bath & Shower Gel in my bath tub and it produces a deliciously smelling bubble bath with a generous amount of bubbles. As a shower gel I especially enjoy it after my workout. It foams nicely on the skin which makes me feel clean and I think I smell very nice after using it. The shower gel isn't drying in any way, with its milky texture and the Aloe Vera gel it's very gentle on the skin. 

The Coconut Sensual Body Lotion doesn't only smell of coconut, there's a noticeable creamy scent too, it might be the Shea butter? The scent lingers on for a little while without interfering with the scent of my perfume.  

The texture of the body lotion is light which makes the product sink into the skin quickly. It doesn't feel sticky and leaves the skin feeling soft and well moisturized. It wouldn't be enough hydration for my skin during winter but it's fine for summer. 

I enjoy using both products but mine only contain 200ml each which isn't a lot considering the light texture of the body lotion and the fact that the shower gel may be used as a bath too. Additionally, the lid is annoying. It's easy to open with dry hands but when I'm in the shower and my hands are wet I always struggle to open it. 

However, the products aren't too expensive and you often get a discount. The shower gel is available for CHF 7.50, the body lotion for CHF 13.90 and I've just discovered they're available in 400ml bottles too for CHF 13.50 and CHF 23. 

What's your favourite summer scent?


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  1. Coconut products can be hit or miss (I hate the artificial-smelling ones) but in general I do like the smell of coconut.


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