Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Pretty Feet (?) with Alessandro Pedix Med' Foot Mousse

Summer time is the time to show your feet in cute sandals. Unfortunately, my feet usually don't look too pretty after the winter months. To be honest, I never think my feet look pretty but they may still look neat. That's why you and I should take good care of our feet from now on. 

Alessandro International's Pedix Med line has a fun product called "foot mousse". It's like volume mousse for your hair, but for your feet. Yaay!! 

The mousse contains 10% urea and spirulina microalgae to strengthen and protect the skin. It prevents new callus formation (wow, this is such a classy topic to talk about...) and the spirulina operates antibacterial. Sounds good, let's try that! 

It's meant to be used twice a day on problematic feet till they look ok, then only once a day. I don't think my feet are particularly "problematic", that's why I decided to use the product once a day and considering my weird aversion to feet, I'm very proud I actually applied the foot mousse.

Being in a bottle with a summery colour rather than a tube made it easier for me to use this product on a regular basis. Foot cream tends to be very rich in texture and hard to squeeze out of a tube. And I hate the feeling of rich foot cream on my hands after massaging it into my feet. Even after washing my hands it feels as if it's still on my hands. 

Anyway, this product and I came to a silent agreement. We know we don't like the work we do together but we both do the best we can to make it as pleasant as possible. 

The mousse isn't scented and has a surprisingly light texture. When I massage the product into the skin of my feet, it sinks in quickly without leaving a greasy feeling. A little goes a long way with this product, one pump is definitely enough. 

To be honest, I even started to enjoy this process. It's kind of relaxing to massage your feet before going to bed but I still feel the urge to get up and wash my hands after applying the product. Not because my hands are too greasy but because I touched my feet. I'm weird, I know... 

Of course, your feet won't miraculously look pretty just by applying a foot mousse but let's say you start using a foot scrub regularly, remove callus from time to time and use this foot mousse, your feet will look better. 

How do you take care of your feet?


*Press sample, all opinions are honest and my own


  1. I really should take better care of my feet as they are one area that I always leave out. Like you, I think it's because I don't really like feet and I don't like the feel of thick creams on them either. Maybe it's about time I started to look after them a bit more though and this product could be a good place to start :) x

  2. Never tried a mousse formula for the feet, I'm intrigued.


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