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Sun Protection for your Face

Lately, I've been given quite a few different products for sun protection to put to the test. Because I think it's difficult to find sun protection for the face which doesn't only have a sufficient SPF but can be worn under makeup too, I'll show you some of my favourites and tell you when and why I use them. 

Ultrasun Face Moisturising anti-ageing sun protection for sensitive skin - SPF 30

Ultrasun is a swiss brand which launched a new sun protection line this year. They don't use silicones, mineral oils, preservatives and other controversial ingredients in their products. The water resistant product has an SPF 30, combines mineral and chemical filters and protects even deeper skin layers.

This is an everyday product for me and I use it when I'm in a hurry as this combines moisturizer and sun protection in one product, obviously focussing on sun protection. When I'm using this product, I just apply my eye cream and serum and skip moisturizer, then apply this all over my face, neck and décolleté. Due to the gel like texture, the product sinks in quickly and doesn't feel like a sun cream but similar to a rich face cream. After a few minutes I can apply foundation on top. I do need to powder my T-zone because the product leaves my skin slightly oily which doesn't show right away but makes my skin look shiny after a few hours. The reason I only use this when I'm in a hurry instead of every day is that it doesn't hydrate my skin as good as a moisturizer would but combining it with a moisturizer would be too much. 

Louis Widmer Sun Protection Face - SPF 30

Louis Widmer is a swiss brand as well and their products never cease to amaze me. Sun Protection Face is an anti-ageing sun screen with a luxurious and delicate scent. I've discovered it last year and still haven't found a more reliable one for everyday use. 

The product combines UVA and UVB filters and contains Vitamin E to reduce premature skin ageing caused by UV rays. The Panthenol and L-Arginine in the cream calm irritated skin and help keeping it hydrated. If you're allergic to perfumes, their products are usually available in a non-scented version too. 

I like to use this on an everyday basis after my moisturizer. It's less oily than the Ultrasun sun screen but sinks in slower if that makes any sense, so if I'm in a hurry, it's slightly annoying to apply foundation on top. I usually apply it, eat breakfast, do my hair (by that I mean I brush my hair because everything else is too much for me in the morning), brush my teeth and finally apply my makeup. When it had enough time to sink in, it doesn't interfere with my makeup at all. Two more reasons to love this product are the lovely scent and the fact that it makes my skin feel softer.

Eau Thermale Avène Réflexe Solaire - SPF 50+

The only non-swiss sun cream in this blogpost is Avène's Réflexe Solaire. The slim packaging is designed to fit into the pocket of your trousers or into your handbag. The product is water resistant and has a very high SPF 50+. It combines UVA and UVB protection and doesn't contain any silicones. Avène is popular for the thermal water in their products which has a soothing effect on skin.

The texture is rich but it sinks in surprisingly quickly. As this sun screen makes my face look shiny, I don't like to wear it under foundation. Nevertheless, it feels nice and not sticky on the skin. I use this whenever I know my skin will be exposed to the sun for a while which is usually when I'm hiking or swimming. This might be a little TMI but this sun cream doesn't feel to smeary when I'm sweating, so it's suitable for outdoor sports. 

Ultrasun Face Tinted moisturising anti-ageing sun protection - SPF 50

This is basically the same product as the first one but tinted and with an SPF 50. Both products come with a pump which makes them easy to dose and less messy to use. 
The shade's called "honey" but it's the only one available. It is too dark for my skin tone and I only use this product when I'm not wearing any makeup - which is usually on Sundays. My face is paler than the rest of my body so when I apply the tinted sun protection evenly on my face and onto my neck, the shade matches the rest of my body. 

Luckily, the finish of this product is satiny and not shiny in any way, it just makes my skin look naturally tanned and healthy. However, don't expect it to cover imperfections. It manages to slightly even out the skin tone but doesn't cover blemishes, a matching concealer is a good addition to this product.

Even though I use Louis Widmer's Sun Protection Face most, I don't want to use it exclusively. I love to have options for different occasions, one product can't be the best in every single category. That's why I have four sun creams ready in my bathroom. 

Do you have one favourite sun cream you wear all the time or do you switch them like I do?


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  1. Great post it's brilliant you are promoting sun care, my face hasn't seen the sun in forever that it would burn very severely so it's nice to know what the best options are!

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