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Alessandro International Nailstudio Days - How to do a Manicure at Home

Three weeks ago I was invited to the Alessandro International Nailstudio Days in Zurich. I had to choose in advance what I wanted to learn about and I decided to get some tipps and tricks on how to do a perfect manicure at home because this is something I do on a regular basis and I was pretty sure there would be more to know than I already did. 

So I went to Sandra Tarquino's nailstudio where I met the lovely Alessandro-team and of course Sandra who did my nails that day. 

As you can see on the right I was confronted with a huge amount of colours to choose from, to be exact I could pick one of 99 shades. It took me a while... 

I finally went for a light pink shade - little princess. Sandra introduced me to the products she uses to do a manicure and I got a step by step tutorial I'd like to share with you:

1. Shape and shorten your nails with the file. This is something I usually hated to do with a file, I used nail scissors instead because filing took too much time but now I know I was just using the wrong tool. If you have a file which is actually meant to be used to shorten the nails I promise you it's a lot quicker. 

2. Apply the cuticle remover gel and leave it on for about two minutes. Push back the cuticles with the "pushy", the black thingy with the pink tip in the picture below. Now file the surface of the nails with the buffing file. It has four sides and you may use the finest one on a daily basis to polish your nails if you like. This makes them look nice and shiny. 

3. Before applying any nail polish, clean your nails using a nail polish remover to remove oils and allow the nail polish to stay longer.

4. Apply a base coat to even out the surface of your nails. After about two to three minutes your nails are ready for the actual nail polish. 

From left to right: buffing file, professional nail file, pushy, nail & cuticle oil, cuticle remover gel, gel look top coat
5. Apply two layers of the nail polish of your choice leaving about 5 minutes before applying the second layer. 

6. Wait for another 5 minutes before applying the top coat and make sure to seal the tips. 

7. Carefully apply a nail and cuticle oil and you're done. 

Doesn't sound too difficult, right? 

I used the opportunity to ask the pros for tipps to stop my nails from splitting into layers. Sandra told me there are two things we need to know: After removing your nail polish you should use the time to apply a nail oil or nail cream. But you don't have to apply it onto your whole nail because the "moon" of the nail is the only part which is able to absorb the nurturing ingredients. 

The second tipp is to avoid using nail hardener on a regular basis. Nail hardener is meant to be used as a treatment every once in a while. Even though it makes your nails harder, it doesn't add any hydration but dries the nails. This means if its used without giving your nails a break, the nails won't get stronger but dryer. 

Manicure by Sandra Tarquino
My mani at home

All the products for the mani at home were included in the goodie-bag and I tried to recreate the manicure today. Following the instructions I got it was pretty easy and I'm happy with the result. Sadly, the new vegan nail polish doesn't last too well on my nails. After about two days I have to redo them but it's great the polish is free from bad ingredients such as parabens and formaldehyd.

If you have any nail related questions, feel free to ask. If I can't answer them myself, I'll forward them to the Alessandro-team. 

Would you like to read more how-to kind of posts on the blog? Please leave a comment below.

Have a lovely day!


* press samples, all opinions are honest and my own. 


  1. Thanks for the tips :-) Posts like this are great!

  2. I have yet to try my first Alessandor nail polish. Too bad the color chipped so fast on you, boo.

  3. Wow, das ist ja mal ein Aufsteller – sieht toll aus!! <3

    xxx, Mia

  4. Love getting my nails done! I can never decide what colour when they have such a big selection like that x

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