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Kérastase Nutritive Innovation 2016 - Hair Care Nourishment for Dry Hair

This year, Kérastase reinvented their Nutritive collection for dry hair. I've used the shampoo and conditioner of the "old" line for years and they always kept my hair nice and healthy so I was beyond happy to get the chance to test the new Nutritive collection. 

The collection consists of two parts, Nutritive irisome for normal to dry hair and Nutritive magistral for dry to severely dry hair. The formula of Nutritive irisome is still the same it used to be, they just changed the packaging but Nutritive magistral has new components. 

The products have this typical salon scent, they give you the "just-out-of-the-salon-hair"-feeling. I've tested six products and I'll give you a quick overview for each one of them. 

Nutritive Bain Magistral
This is a fundamental nutrition shampoo for severely dried-out hair. You only need to apply a small amount of shampoo to your hair to wash it if you didn't use a lot of hairspray and it foams nicely. After washing my hair with this shampoo it feels well nourished and soft and it looks smoother. I've read some reviews on this one and some people said it weighted down their hair. This problem didn't occur to me even though I have fine hair which isn't severely dry but it might depend on the amount of product used, try not to be too generous with this one. 

250 ml - CHF 29.00

Nutritive Fondant Magistral
You can find fundamental nutrition care for your hair in this tube. It contains Irisome 4600ppm, something you'll find in all the products I'm talking about in this post. It's a complex of lipids, proteins, glucose and iris rhizome extract to restore the hair's nutrition balance and prevent it from getting dry again. The main benefit I see in this product is its amazing detangling effect. I have insanely tangled hair, it's a real pain to brush it. The Fondant Magistral manages to detangle it for the whole day and I feel like a normal person when I brush my hair, hooray! 

200ml - CHF 37.00

Nutritive Masque Magistral 
This mask is another fundamental nutrition product for dry to severely dried-out hair containing Irisome 4600ppm. But let's say we're on a slightly more intense level of nutrition here. This is a product I'd only recommend if your hair is severely dry. Otherwise you'll look like me after using it. My hair was weighed down and looked as if I didn't wash it for a few days. Don't get me wrong here, I only wash my hair every second or third day but if my hair looks like third-day-hair right after washing it, I'm just not happy. So if your hair is extremely dry and thick I think this product will be right up your street, because this stuff will add moisture to your hair.

200ml - CHF 51.00

Nutritive Crème Magistrale
Have you ever used a hair balm? Because this is a leave-in product, it's a good option if you don't have time to apply a mask but need some extra moisture for your hair. And there's another plus: It's easier to control the amount of product your hair needs. Start with a tiny amount at the tips of your hair and only add more if you need more. In my opinion, this is the best product of the Nutritive collection. It literally melts into your hair, adds shine and moisture and feels unexpectedly light. So basically you smear the balm randomly into your hair, brush it through and it instantly looks smoother, shinier and healthier. Did I rave about it enough yet?

150 ml - CHF 39.00

Nutritive Irisome Bain Satin 2
This is an "exceptional nutrition shampoo" for dry and sensitized hair. It won InStyle's 2016 Best Beauty Buys competition and I can see why. It only takes a small amount of shampoo to wash hair and make it feel properly cleansed and it doesn't only add moisture and shine but also more body and texture to the hair. When I used this shampoo, my hair looks healthy and voluminous. Bain Satin 2 is designed for thick hair, there's also Bain Satin 1 for fine hair but you know my hair is fine and this one worked perfectly for me. 

250ml - CHF 29.00

Nutritive Irisome Masquintense
The last product I put to the test is Irisome Masquintense. I was rather skeptical about this one because of the adventure with the other mask but the worries turned out to be unfounded. If you don't use too much of this product, it leaves your hair soft, smooth, well nourished and shiny without weighing it down. Even though my hair feels very soft, it's not slippery in any way, it feels nicely textured and is easy to style. Another winner for me! But not only for me, it also won the 2016 Brides Beauty Awards.

200ml - CHF 51.00

All in all, I'm a fan of this collection. It still delivers what I expected, makes it so much easier to brush my hair and the products keep my hair healthy. Additionally, all products contain Xylose which is a heat protectant. My hairdresser told me they add this because most people blow-dry their hair with hot air without using a heat protectant, Kérastase got you covered ;)

Have a lovely Sunday!



  1. The nutrition shampoo sounds great for me because I have very dry hair.
    Aleeha xXx

  2. I'm really into leave-in creams so I'm really interested by the Nutritive Crème Magistrale!!

  3. I think I actually never used kerastase products ... what's wrong with me ?!
    Thanks for the review, i shall check them out =)
    Macha @ Feathers and Brushes

  4. Wow! All the products look amazing :)

    much love, x


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