Sunday, 13 November 2016

Yves Rocher Elixir Jeunesse Double Action Essence

Yves Rocher wants to help us to stay young! For that reason, they launched Elixir Jeunesse Double Action Essence, a serum dedicated to protect our skin from stress factors such as weather, pollution and UV-rays, all of which can make our skin look older.

Now what's the new secret ingredient? Aphloia extract! Aphloia is a tree growing in Madagascar and East Africa which is naturally exposed to environmental influences. The tree trunk manages to rejuvenate its entire cortex, the leaves fight the negative environmental influences and repairs itself. 

Yves Rocher extracted the Aphloiol and mixed it with another fancy sounding ingredient to get the same complex as found in the cells of the tree. Now before you're asking yourself why on earth we need to put trees from Madagascar into our skincare, I may gladly tell you that the extract is gained in a controlled area in a sustainable way.

Elixir Jeunesse protects and regenerates our skin. They did pretty impressive tests (two panels, one using a placebo, one Elixir Jeunesse for two months) to check if this really works and they found that it manages to reduce 25% of the fragility of collagen in two months. I love science ...! They conducted many more tests to check the influence of pollution, physical stress and other bad stuff on the skin with and without the elixir and the results sound very convincing. It's nice for a change to actually be able to read test results, because the anti stress effect is rather hard to tell just by looking at my skin. That's why I received a 30 page press kit describing all of this in detail. 

Well, let's talk about how the product worked for me. As I already mentioned, I can't see the anti-pollution effect but my skin seems to like the product. It's fluid and sinks into the skin extremely quickly. It feels fresh and soothing on the skin. At the press event I was told that I could use this as a base without applying moisturizer but as you know, it's nearly winter and my skin is dryer than usual. Regarding the hydration level of my skin, the product doesn't deliver what I wish. So what now? I don't think this is a bad product but it's not created for young and dry skin. I used it regularly for over a month now and it feels nice, it smells lovely but there wasn't a miraculous effect. I'll still use it till it's empty as long as it provides enough moisture combined with my day cream. Most women testing this product said that it made their skin look more radiant. I used a radiance enhancing serum before I changed to this one so my skin looked really radiant and healthy before. It is still radiant using this one but naturally not as radiant as it was. 

I'd say this could be a nice product for you if your skin is normal or oily and if you think you're ready for a bit of age defense. The flacon contains 30ml and is available for CHF 47. 

Have you tried this serum? I'd be happy to read what you think about it. 


* Press sample, all opinions are honest and my own. 


  1. I also have a dry (and young) skin so I'm not sure if that's really the best product, but it seems to be pretty interesting!

    Laura |

  2. I love Yves Rocher, but I haven't tried this product yet! Their scents are always lovely too :-)

  3. This sounds pretty good! I'm only 16, but I know my mum would love that.
    Aleeha xXx

  4. Hi. Can you tell us which radiance enhancing serum you used before? It seams to work pretty well. Thanx

    1. Hi there, I used the Ren Radiance Perfecting Serum. Pricey but worth every penny :)


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