Sunday, 22 January 2017

Travel Skincare - Visiting Koh Chang

I’m on my way to Thailand writing this blogpost. I’ve just finished watching a movie and I’m not ready to watch the next one yet, so I use the time to talk about the beauty items in my bag. I’ll be away for two weeks and I brought quite a lot of products with me, that’s why I’ll split the travel beauty in two parts. Today I’ll start with skincare and shower products, next time you’ll hear about makeup, hair and nails.

First thing I packed was sun protection for my fair skin. I’ll start using an SPF 50 and if my skin is a little tanned, I might switch to an SPF 30 but that depends on the condition of my skin really... Louis Widmer has a wonderful selection of sun screens. They don’t look white and don’t feel sticky on the skin. Especially their Sun Protection Face SPF 30 is absolutely amazing, it smells divine, feels light and can be used before applying foundation. However much I like this one, I need to start with an SPF 50 so I brought my Avène 50+ which can look slightly white but works very well for me. For my body I have Louis Widmer’s Extra Sun Fluid 50+ which is easy to apply and for the „already-tanned-phase“ - which hopefully will arrive at some point – I picked up Ritual’s Sun Protecting Body Oil SPF 30. This smells fantastic, adds some moisture to the skin, makes it tan easier and the oil just looks lovely on the skin (you won’t look totally shiny or something, it kind of makes the skin glow). I’ll try not to expose my skin to the sun too much and I purchased Louis Widmer’s After Sun Lotion which does wonders cooling and bringing back hydration into the skin.

I always find it hard to pick skincare products for traveling because I love to have a selection of masks or different products for differents needs at hand. As you know, I can’t bring everything with me so I tried my best to narrow it down (my bag still weighs 20 kg!).

Obviously, I wasn’t able to leave my beloved Caudalie Cleansing Oil at home, as well as Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum and the Louis Widmer Day Cream, I use them all on a daily basis. Luckily, I had a Clinique All About Eyes mini and a mini version of the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ in my drawer. As an all-round mask / night cream I packed Glam Glow’s Thirstymud. Have you tried it? This stuff smells absolutely delicious, I’d really like to eat it... My lips will be treated using the gorgeous Bobbi Brown lip balm and to make sure my skin is nicely exfoliated, Sanctuary SPA’s Radiance Exfoliator landed in my bag too. This does a great job at making the skin look healthy and radiant, as the name suggests.

Now we’re getting to the little more random products. Well, I admit, a deodorant is a pretty standard thing to bring but look! It’s the Ritual of Sakura deodorant, which is great and smells great, hooray! Slightly more special are the two Korean beauty masks from Skinfood, Black Pomegranate and Bird’s Nest. I got them from Niasha a while a go and kind of forgot about them but I’m really excited to try them now. There’s two products from Yves Rocher, a foot cream to treat my dry feet after walking on the beach (I know sand works like a scrub but it dries my skin too) and of course a body lotion. I chose their hydration spray which feels and smells fresh and is effortless to use. L’occitane will take care of my hands. The Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Body Oil landed in my bag just because, who wouldn’t like some Bronze Goddess on the beach?

My shower products are all new to me, so I can’t tell you a lot about them. I chose Palmolive’s shower gel because it smelled sweet and slightly exotic and the Björn Axen shampoo and conditioner duo because I only heard good things about the repair products. Furterer’s Solaire shampoo works like sun protection for hair, which I’ll need in Thailand. Lastly, I brought Pampamesse, a body scrubfrom Charmesse, a new Swiss skincare brand. It's sugar based and smells very fruity. 

Well, that was quite a long post, if you're still with me: thanks for reading it!
I’ll update you on the rest of my products very soon.

Have a lovely day!


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