Saturday, 14 January 2017

Work Out Beauty Essentials - Skin and Haircare

Just like every year many women's new year resolution is to work out more often. That's why today's blogpost is about my work out beauty essentials. We have a gym at work so I often go there during my lunch break. It's the perfect change from sitting in the office all day but I usually don't have all the time in the world to redo my make up, when I apply my make up in the morning I make sure everything is water- or smudge-proof and stays in place even when I wash my face with water. So this post isn't about the make up but about skincare and hair products I'm taking with me.

What I usually bring for my skin is a shower gel and a simple body lotion. When it comes to shower gel I'm not really picky after working out but I prefer fresh and fruity scents and gel like formulas. This Victoria's Secret Love Spell Refresher Kit* convinced me with its selection of products. It contains a fragrance mist, a body wash, a hydrating body lotion, a tiny towel and a comb all together in one handy bag. 

Love Spell with cherry blossom and peach smells feminine, fresh and not too strong. It seems like the exact set I have isn't available any more online but theres a coconut scented version which I might like even better. You might want to check out the Coconut Passion Set on, it's available for CHF 42.50. The towel is too small to be of great use if you ask me but you could always put a microfiber towel into the bag. Till the products are empty, this is what I'll bring with me to the gym. 

Let's move on to hair products. Due to the fact that I don't have a lot of time to do my hair I like to use a volume shampoo to bring a bit of volume into my freshly washed hair. The one I like best is John Frieda's 7 Days Volume shampoo. I did a full review on it a while ago which you can read here. Instead of a conditioner I spray about 5-6 puffs of the René Furterer Naturia Extra Gentle Detangling Spray all over my towel-dry hair which smells absolutely divine because it contains mint, basil and cumin. This might not be the scent combination you're used to in a hair product but trust me, it's fantastic! It leaves my hair smelling fresh and feeling soft and healthy. I'm currently testing Furterer's Sublime Curl line and I'd love to try their Volumea line too, because everything I've tested so far has been amazing.

I also have a small hair dryer in my gym bag because we only have one hair dryer at work so it's quite handy to have my own. I chose this BaByliss Voyage 1200W because it can be folded, comes with a little bag and it has a cold air function which I always use because my hair gets really frizzy if I use hot air to blow dry it. At CHF 29.90 it's quite a bargain too and considering it's so small, it does a good job.

I brush my hair with a tangle teezer as soon as it's mostly dry. My hair dresser once told me it's healthier for the hair to comb it when it's dry if it's tangly, brushing it wet might damage the hair. After that I continue blow drying my hair till it's completely dry, quickly comb through it and I'm good to go. 

Which products do you like to use after sport?

Have a great weekend!


*product courtesy of, all opinions are honest and my own. I was allowed to choose the set from their website. 

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