Thursday, 9 February 2017

Louis Widmer Remederm Fluid Body Cream

I've had the best time in Thailand over the last two weeks, enjoying the sun and beach with the four other girls. I'm back in Switzerland now and even though I like this country, I wouldn't have said no to spending a little more time abroad. However, I'm trying to get back into my routine so I had to take my winter beauty products out of the drawer again. The combination of sun, salt water and now cold and dry air took its toll on my skin, my legs look... well, do you know Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush Body Scrub? There's a nice description on the pot for people like me: old lizard legs. That's me, I guess. Or that was me a day after my arrival back home. But thanks to Louis Widmer, I was prepared! 

Louis Widmer has a skin care line called Remederm for very dry skin. Luckily, they sent their Remederm Fluid Body Cream to me a few weeks ago. I've applied it all over my body every evening four days in a row and it worked wonders! 

The packaging says that the cream cares for, nourishes and regenerates the skin while strengthening the skin's barrier function. It contains Vitamin A and E, Urea, Panthenol and bio stimulants and it's available in a non scented and a lightly scented version.

The cream is fluid and easy to spread on the skin but very rich. I recommend to use it in the evening because it doesn't sink in immediately. My skin startet to look better after the first application and it's nearly back to its normal winter condition now. This may not sound too exciting but my skin really looked bad so I'm very happy with the performance of the product. 

The Remederm Fluid Body Cream is available in drugstores and pharmacies in Switzerland* for CHF 32.50. 

Have a great day!


*Products are available in Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Finland as well and at selected partners in Belarus, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 

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