Sunday, 5 March 2017

Alessandro International Spring News: B.Blush Collection and We Love Macarons

In a couple of weeks it's officially spring and there are beautiful spring collections everywhere around us. Inspired by flower petals, Alessandro International created the fresh and girly B.Blush spring collection* including three new vegan nail polish shades. They wanted to bring the rosy glow from your cheeks to your nails and I think they did a great job! There's a soft pink called Cherry Blossom, a raspberry shade called Morning Glory and Coral Haze, which isn't coral at all if you've got it as a Striplac like I do. 

Alessandro International usually creates their nail polishes as normal nail polishes but also Striplac, the system where you need a light but it's not a real gel because you can peel the polish off your nails after a week or so. The Striplacs are CHF 14.90 for 5ml, the nail polishes CHF 15.90 for 10ml. 

I like Striplac because it lasts a long time and if I know I don't have time to do my nails and need them to look good several times during the week, I choose Striplac. Nevertheless, I try not to use it twice in a row because I find it drying for the nails and I want to keep them as healthy looking as possible. 

Cherry Blossom
Coral Haze - Sorry for the bad quality
Morning Glory
The shades are beautiful, my personal favourite is Morning Glory. I got so many compliments when I wore it because even though it's a soft pink, it has a unique eye catching look to it while still being suitable for the office. 

If you're looking for a gift for your little sister, your niece or some other beauty queen to be, you should check out the "We love macarons" hand creams (CHF 5.90 for 15ml). Or you could buy them for yourself, because the design is absolutely adorable, looking at the packaging just makes me smile. However, the product inside smells really sweet. The pink one is strawberry scented and there's a pistachio and a lemon version, too. The product contains hyaluronic acid and shea butter and has a thick texture. It sinks in quickly and feels sticky at first but at the same time it's dry, so you won't leave fingerprints everywhere. Maybe "waxy" is the best way to describe the strange feeling after applying it. It's not unpleasant and my hands are soft and smooth now, it just feels unfamiliar. 

In my opinion, the shades of the B.Blush collection are perfect for spring and I enjoy wearing all of them. The Macarons hand cream does a good job too, but the scent is too strong for me so I wouldn't repurchase it. Both collections are in stores now. 

Which one is your favourite shade?

Have a lovely day!


*press samples, all opinions are honest and my own. 

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