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My Spring Fragrance Tip: Intimacy Sheer Eau de Parfum

Two weeks ago I spent a wonderful evening at the Marionnaud press event where I had the chance to take a look at new products, talk to some beauty experts and of course meet a bunch of lovely swiss bloggers. Among the products displayed and to my delight even in the goodie bag was the amazing Intimacy Sheer Eau de Parfum.*

The fragrance was created by François Robert, who's from the fourth generation of a family of perfumers creating scents for Chanel, Dior, Hermès and many more.

The top note of Intimacy Sheer is a combination of cardamom, Brazilian pepper, bergamot, lemon and mandarin orange. The heart notes are Kazanlak rose from Bulgaria, jasmine, honeysuckle, quince and cognac. Vetiver, patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla and musk are the accords of the base note. This combination of citrus oil top notes, a flowery heart note and a wooden base is called "chypre". I didn't know that, so yay to research and I hope you've learnt something new as well.

Let's see what I can smell: It's a fresh but rather sweet scent. The first thing I smell is definitely the lemon and mandarin, it's fresh and light. The scent gets sweeter after a few seconds. You can smell there's rose in it but it is very subtle, otherwise I wouldn't like it. I can smell the cognac too, a hint of vanilla and something like honey, maybe the honeysuckle? I have no idea how the flower smells in real but it grows in my parents garden, so I promise next time I'm writing about honeysuckle, I will know how it smells. 

While writing this, I sprayed Intimacy Sheer onto my wrist and smelled it every few seconds to describe the different scents to you. And you know what? Now I can smell the quince too. The quince, vanilla, cognac and rose are the scents that linger on. I'm pretty sure I've never smelled a perfume where the actual ingredients were that obvious. It's like a little journey. 

Display at the Marionnaud press event
François described the Intimacy Woman for us: 

The intimacy woman is...

... young
... elegant
... adventurous
... seductive
... listens to her instincts
...and knows that luxury is in the detail.

I reckon 24 still counts as young but honestly, elegant isn't the first word I thought of to describe myself. Clumsy would be a much better description I guess... However, I am adventurous, I can be seductive, especially if I'm wearing the right scent and - and this is absolutely essential for me - if I'm feeling good being me. I'm not the most confident woman on earth even though I know being confident about oneself is really important and there's no reason why one shouldn't be. Anyway, I don't find that too easy and I'm working on it. And you know what? Listening to my instincts and seeing luxury or the good in the detail help me with that. Here's a very easy fashion-related example: wear a grey shirt, jeans and sneakers (that's sort of my standard outfit). Then change your shoes and wear your favourite heels instead. The whole outfit looks more polished and when I do that, it instantly makes me feel better! That's what I love about details, little changes are my way to go. 

Let's sum it up: Do I fit the description of the intimacy woman? Not in every way but close enough. And you now what? Even if I didn't, I wouldn't care, I just find it extremely enjoyable to read about the type of person the creator of a perfume thought of while creating the fragrance. It's very inspiring, don't you think? 

This scent is exactly what I was looking for for spring and I've found it, or Marionnaud has found it and gave it to me. Thanks for that! Intimacy Sheer Eau de Parfum is available at Marionnaud Switzerland for CHF 39.90 (30ml). 

Now you know all about my spring fragrance, I'd like to know more about your favourite spring scent. If you feel like it, tell me about your fragrance of choice in the comments below. 

Have a great day and come back soon! 

*press sample, all opinions are honest and my own

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  1. Liebe Cheryl

    Toll, dass du das Parfum so detailliert vorgestellt hast! Ich mag den Duft auch mega, ein totaler Frühlingsduft!

    Liebe Grüsse


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