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Louis Widmer L'Eau de Peau Perfume Collection - Free from Allergens

I'm really excited to introduce you Louis Widmer's new L'Eau de Peau perfume collection* today. The reason why I'm that enthusiastic writing about these scents is the fact that they're all created without allergens. It's a happy time for allergy sufferers! The perfumes all smell great and they're very different from each other so there's a good chance you'll like at least one of them. But let's have a closer look at the three scents now. 

First of all, I love the box they came in. Look at the model's beeeeautiful make-up look! It's just stunning! 

The reason why Louis Widmer created this collection of allergen free perfumes is that a lot of people are allergic to essential oils or other plant extracts and therefore can't spray perfume directly onto the skin. But the scent of perfumes only fully develops in contact with the skin or rather the oils or fats on the surface of the skin. This is also the explanation to why perfumes often smell different on every person. 

The names of the three perfumes do say quite a bit about their actual scent already, the Eau Fraîche smells really fresh, the Eau Douceur is a rather sweet option and the Parfum Elixir is the most classic, most sophisticated scent out of the three. 

When I'm testing perfumes, I spray them onto a tissue and onto my wrist and I check the scent every few minutes to write down what I can smell. Only when I think the scent has fully developed, I check the actual description of the scent to see whether I was able to tell what's in there or not. And you know what? After doing this for quite a while now, I think I'm getting better at it, hooray! I also had a perfume workshop with Aramis and Designer Fragrances a few weeks ago, maybe this helped too ;-) more on this workshop will follow on the blog soon.

Eau Douceur - the fragrance in the pretty pink flacon - is the sweetest and youngest scent of the three. It basically smells like a dessert with vanilla, almond and caramel. It's a warm, cozy scent and heavier than the other two but it has light floral notes too. The base note is created with almond, musk, crème caramel and ambroxan. The heart note contains heliotropin, iris and jasmine, the top note neroli and hedione HC. If you like sweet scents, you should definitely check this one out, it's a very natural sweet scent which reminds me of cookies and I like cookies (who doesn't?). It costs CHF 69 for 50ml. 

My favourite is Eau Fraîche because it's a very fresh, light and summery scent which instantly makes me happy. My first guess was that it contains something citrusy but it's a combination of peach and green tea giving the perfume its fresh note. It's an active scent, if that makes any sense? The base note contains peach, fresh musk and cedarwood, the heart note jasmine, freesia and green tea. Green leaves and jasmine hedione HC (I think this means it's a patented essence) form the top note. I'm slightly addicted to this scent because I can smell it the whole day and it makes me feel like I just hopped out of the shower, fresh and awake. Again, the 50ml bottle is available for CHF 69. 

The last scent was the one I tested first. One sniff was enough to know that this was going to be my mums new perfume, that's why it's at her home now. Parfum Elixir is a powdery, warm and soft scent which is very feminin but still discreet enough to be perfectly suitable for every day. Musk, sandalwood, cedarwood and ambrettolide form the base note, bulgarian rose, iris and jasmine the heart note. The top note includes aquatic (something related to sea water?) and lotus. The reason I gave this to my mum is not that I think this is a  more mature scent but because I know she doesn't like overpowering scents but prefers subtle scents like this one which is there and just makes a woman smell amazing without being too obvious. It's a perfum, not an eau de toilette which makes it a little more expensive but CHF 79 is still fair for a lovely 50ml perfume. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with the L'Eau de Peau collection. The scents are beautiful, the design of the flacons is chic and the prices are definitely ok for perfumes of this quality. The whole collection will be available from the 2nd May in pharmacies and drugstores in Switzerland. 

What do you think of the collection? Do you know any other allergen-free perfumes?

Happy Easter to all of you!


*press samples, huge thank you to Louis Widmer for this beautiful treat! As always, opinions are honest and my own. 

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  1. Liebe Cheryl

    Dass Louis Widmer auch an Menschen gedacht hat, welche bestimmte Allergien haben, finde ich einfach toll! Muss mal daran riechen, sobald ich die Möglichkeit habe!

    Danke dir ganz herzlich für die Vorstellung!

    Liebe Grüsse


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