Monday, 16 October 2017

Alessandro International Majestic Me Autumn Collection

Alessandro International launched their autumn/winter nail polish collection "Majestic Me"* and I'm sharing some impressions on it today. The collection contains five new shades and a top coat and there was one particular shade which caught my eye when I first saw the collection - Monarchy Green. It's a rich and deep green which looks so chic and different. But let me show you the whole collection first:

I also received the Gelactic Top Coat and the Gelactic Nail Polish Speed Dry. I had the chance to test a Gelatic Top Coat before and for some reason, it doesn't make my nail polish last longer, but it has a glossy, gel like finish. Generally, the nail polish lasted for 2 days with the top coat, which isn't great in my opinion. 

The Gelactic Nail Polish Speed Dry on the other hand is amazing! Just spray it onto your nails after applying your nail polish and it's dry instantly. But be careful, if you add pressure to your nails, it will still leave a mark. Even after using the Speed Dry you need to be a little patient before you try to stuff your keys into your handbag and head out of the house. Sounds familiar? Yes, I did that too. Anyway, if you are careful, the applying your nail polish and leaving the house one minute later actually works. Yay! This made my life so much easier ;-)

Majestic Blue
Even though Monarchy Green was the shade I liked best just by looking at the press pictures I now like Majestic Blue best. It has a beautiful dark blue base with silver glitter, sparkly but chic at the same time. Monarchy Green is a close second, it's such an elegant colour and I love the green for autumn. 

Monarchy Green
The shades I tried last are Red Paradise and Pearly Mauve. Red Paradise is a classic red and I feel like I already have this shade in some form, it doesn't have that new and exciting look to it but it sure is a perfect shade of red if you don't own one yet. Pearly Mauve isn't really my colour, the mauve-green mix just doesn't appeal to me. 

Red Paradise and Pearly Mauve

This is not the last shade I tested but the last picture I'm showing you today, Grey Harmony in action. This was the time I quickly applied the nail polish and ran out of my flat to catch the train to a press event. I honestly haven't got a clue what that drink was but you can see my nail polish. Grey Harmony is a very unique shade. It looks kind of "greige" to me and I can see the slightest hint of green in it. It's a shade I think is stylish and ok for the office as well. I haven't seen a shade like this one and I really like it. 

The 5ml nail polishes are available for CHF 7.50 or as a Striplac for CHF 15.95. It's a pity the shades don't last too long, I love Monarchy Green, Majestic Blue and Grey Harmony and I'll wear them this autumn anyway but I'll play around with different top coats and hopefully they'll last longer. 

Which of the shades would be your first choice?

Have a great day!

XX Cheryl

*press samples, all opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. The colours look very pretty! but I did notice the chip on your index for the green. I reeeeeaaally hate when that happens. Too bad that the top coat didn't make the last longer :(
    Thanks for your honest opinion!!


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