Monday, 2 October 2017

Introducing Dr. Bronner's

If you're from abroad you might have heard of Dr. Bronner's products already but I haven't seen them in Switzerland until a few months ago so I was excited to get the chance to put some products to the test*.

Dr. Bronner's is an all natural brand, their products are organic and don't contain chemicals.  I've tested their Organic Magic Balm, the 18-in-One Pure Castile Soap and the Organic Hand and Body Lotion. 

Just a little bit about the brand before I get into describing the three products in detail: Dr. Bronner's been founded in 1948 in the US by Emanuel Bronner. His vision was that everyone should live happily together, a message he wanted to spread with his products too: "We are all one or none" and there's no exception. The packaging of all his products are printed with different messages like this one. It looks cool and it's inspiring too but I had to ask the PR agency about the story behind this first because without knowing about his vision the info on the packaging was a bit too much. Some of the text on there has a link to religious content as well which is unusual for a beauty product and therefore made me wonder but the quotes are out of different religions and it's all about harmony which leads us back to the message and the vision he wants to spread: "We are all one or none". If you're interested in learning more about the principles of the brand, make sure to visit the Dr. Bronner's website, the communication of the brand seems very transparent to me.

I personally love a fresh and minty smelling body product and the Arnica-Menthol Organic Magic Balm smells simply amazing! I used the product after sport because it has a great warming effect on the skin and muscles. It's hard to tell whether my muscles are less sore after using this but I sure find it very relaxing and pleasant. Because of the scent and the warmth of the balm I guess it would be great to apply onto the chest when you're having a cold. 

CHF 15.90
Oh look, there's another mint-scented product! If you don't like mint, you should definitely chose a different scent here because this is rather strong. Not too strong for me because I enjoy smelling like mint candy before sleep but - I already said it here - I use the Peppermint Hand and Body Lotion before I go to bed. I love scented products but for daytime I rather smell of my perfume than of my body lotion. Anyway, this has a very light texture but still manages to hydrate the skin quite well. I wouldn't say it's the best choice if you have severely dry skin so for winter it might not be rich enough for me. 

CHF 18.00
Last but not least, the allrounder 18-in-One Pure Castile Soap with orange and citrus scent. Why 18 in one? Because you can literally use this product for 18 different purposes. Even though I've had this product for about three months now, I didn't manage to test every single way of using it. But here they are, the 18 ways to use the Pure Castile Soap:

1. Face wash                        10. Deodorant
2. Shower Gel                     11. Inhalation
3. Shampoo                         12. Animal wash
4. Bath additive                  13. Washing up liquid
5. Footbath                          14. Laundry detergent
6. Baby bath                        15. Floor cleaner
7. Shaving Gel                     16. to wash vegetables 
8. Toothpaste                      17. plant protection
9. Mouthwash                     18. Brush cleanser

Well, I've used it to wash my face, the rest of my body as well as my hair, used it as a bath additive, deodorant, plant protection and as a brush cleanser. I wasn't very happy with it when I used it as a shampoo (made my hair look like a tangly mess) and I much prefer my normal deodorant but it does a good job as a shower gel and an even better one as a brush cleanser. It manages to wash all the makeup out of my foundation brushes so they actually look and feel clean again. And they smell citrusy fresh which can't be a bad thing either. 

CHF 12.00
The Pure Castile Soap contains coconut and palm oil, olive and jojoba oil and hemp oil. All fair-trade and organic, as I mentioned in the introduction. Nevertheless, the soap doesn't make my skin feel more hydrated. Can't really complain about that, it's soap, removing oil is something a soap usually does so considering this, it's quite surprising I can use it as a shower gel. You just need to keep in mind that this is mainly a soap, you most certainly will feel squeaky clean after using it as a shower gel but it doesn't have any hydrating benefits that other shower gels sometimes have. 

So what's the verdict? I experienced Dr. Bronner's as a brand with a great concept producing solid basic products with lovely and relaxing scents. The products aren't a luxury treat but if you're on holiday, the 18-in-One Pure Castile Soap might come in handy. 

What do you think about Dr. Bronner's?

You might have noticed that I put the prices underneath each product in the picture. I'm not sure if I like that yet. Let me know in the comments below if you think this is a good way to communicate the prices or if you preferred the old way - mentioning them as the final thing in each blog post. 

Have a great day!

*press samples, all opinions are honest and my own. 

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