Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mugler - Aura

Oriental, botanical and carnal - A composition of three hearts in one fragrance, that's Mugler's new scent Aura*. I do know oriental and botanical fragrances but a carnal fragrance? Sounds new to me and that's what I'm writing about today. 

The quality of the following pictures isn't the best, I took them with my phone but I really wanted to show you some impressions of the Aura event in Zurich in case you haven't seen my Instastory. Entering the event location was like a visit to a different world. Everything was green to give the room a mystic and jungly vibe. 

The tasting area
Thierry Mugler's Aura was co-created by four perfumers, a consultant and Sandrine Groslier, president of the Clarins Fragrance Group. Mugler always wanted to create a scent called Aura, for him, Aura is instinct. That's why the whole event was based on little activities where you needed your instinct, or intuition. For example we had to drink three little glasses of an unknown liquid (it was syrup ;-)) and guess the flavour. Each of three glasses contained a syrup flavoured similar to the three notes of the perfume. 

As I mentioned, the scent has three hearts, each a composition of different essences. Tiger liana, a Chinese medical plant, is the oriental base note or the heart of instinct. The botanical heart is a composition of rhubarb leaf and orange blossom and the carnal or animal heart contains the pod of bourbon vanilla and wolfwood, which smells a bit like wood. Aura smells warm, slightly sweet, green and it has a rough wooden note which might be best described as "animalistic". It's not a light fragrance, whenever I wear it at least one person comments on it and so far, everyone asked about the name of the scent and loved it. I wouldn't wear it on a hot summer day but it smells honestly addictive and kind of sexy.  

Mugler has a source of their perfumes in some selected stores. The source is a large container of the fragrance where you can refill your flacon. The source doesn't only look cool, it's a sustainable way of repurchasing your everyday fragrance as well. Over the years around 50 million flacons have been refilled at the Mugler sources. That's 50 million perfume bottles less to produce and to recycle, which is great! 

The beautiful heart shaped 30 ml flacon is available for CHF 79.90.

Have you tried Aura yet? 

Have a great day!
XX Cheryl

*press sample, all opinions are honest and my own.

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