Sunday, 28 January 2018

Glowing Skin with Pixi Beauty

When I received the invitation to the Pixi beauty launch in Switzerland, I got veeeery excited. I'm definitely a skin care junkie and I've heard a lot of good things about this brand. For me, Pixi is all about glowing skin and that's exactly what I'm aiming for, natural and healthily glowing skin. I much prefer that overall natural glow to a highlighter. To start with, I'm talking you through four products* today: The Glow Tonic, the Rose Tonic, the Glow Mist and Caroline Hirons' Double Cleanse. 

I use the Glow Tonic every night after cleansing my face. It contains Glycolic Acid which exfoliates the skin and other lovely beneficial ingredients such as soothing aloe vera, energizing ginseng and no alcohol. The product won the 2017 teen vogue acne awards, so if acne is an issue for you, this might be worth a try. It claims to balance, heal and soothe the skin. I've used it for nearly two months now and I noticed that my skin tone is more even since using the Glow Tonic. My pores aren't that visible, so there wasn't a lot of effect to be seen but my face feels fresh and clean after using the product and I enjoy the relaxing scent in the evening. An even skin tone already does a lot for the overall appearance of my complexion, that's why I love using the Glow Tonic. It helps my skin looking healthy and therefore builds a great base for a glowing look. The way it makes my skin feel after using it is kind of addictive but in a good way. For me, this product is a keeper and I'll definitely repurchase it. 

In the mornings I've been using the Rose Tonic recently. I haven't been using this for as long as the Glow Tonic as I don't introduce a lot of new products at the same time because I wouldn't be able to match the effects with the products anymore. Anyhow, the Rose Tonic is definitely a morning product for me but you could use it morning and evening after cleansing your face. I'm usually not a fan of rose scented products but this one is very subtle and natural and I quite like it. The product aims to reduce redness, soothe the skin, hydrate and refreshen it. It's the latter that makes it perfect for my morning routine. Additionally, the extra bit of hydration is always appreciated by my skin, especially during winter. All in all, this product isn't a game changer for my skin but a lovely and welcome add on to use on a daily basis to wake up with a calming scent. 

I'm a fan of the idea of double cleanse by Caroline Hirons and therefore I was excited to try this product and I was not disappointed. Basically, it adds a second step to your cleansing routine but both steps come in one jar. The first step is to apply the solid cleansing oil onto the dry skin and massage it into the skin. By removing the product with water, most of your makeup is already gone. Then apply the cleansing cream and repeat the same procedure. This way, you can be sure your makeup is properly removed and your skin is clean. Properly removing your makeup is an absolute must if you want to take good care of your skin. I personally love the feeling of clean skin and I enjoy double cleansing with this product. The ingredients are good too. The solid cleansing oil has added Vitamin E and Camellia oil to protect and nourish the skin. The ingredients in the cleansing cream are targeted to anti-aging by relaxing fine lines, promoting collagen and improving elasticity. If you're still removing your makeup with one cotton pad, please try something like the Double Cleanse, it will make a difference. 

Lastly, I tested the Glow Mist. In my opinion, the concept of this product is similar to my all time favourite Caudalie Eau de Beauté. It contains many different natural oils to hydrate the skin and make it glow. It can be used before makeup to hydrate the skin, after makeup to set it and add glow and anytime during the day to refreshen your makeup. The scent is hard to describe. It's soft and herbal but not really fresh and it doesn't linger on. This is the only Pixi Beauty product which didn't live up to my expectations. It adds a teeny bit of moisture but other than that I don't see an effect. It's handy to keep in your handbag though as the packaging is quite sleek and you can just spritz it onto your face for some hydration during the day. The reviews online are very good so it's still worth a try, it just didn't do a lot for me personally. 

The tonics cost CHF 20 each for 100ml, the Double Cleanse is the most expensive at CHF 43 and the Glow Mist is available for CHF 29. In Switzerland, you can purchase the products at Marionnaud. The official Pixi Beauty website has an online shop too and I love the website, the design is so pretty and fresh, definitely worth a visit! 

All in all, I'm impressed with the quality of the products. They're gentle on the skin and especially the Glow Tonic is exceptional. I'll definitely keep an eye out for new releases of Pixi Beauty. 

Are you familiar with Pixi yet? I'm happy to read your opinions in the comment section. 

Have a great day!

xx Cheryl

P.S. I'm sorry for the strange quality of the pictures, something went wrong when I imported the files and now a lot of the photos I've taken recently look pixelated. I'm also testing new products to edit my pictures, if you have a tip, please leave a comment below. 

* press samples, all opinions are honest an my own.

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