Friday, 23 February 2018

My Beach Holiday Essentials

In no more than five days I'll be on my way to Phuket and I can't wait to get away from the cold. As I've showed you how I prepare for a long haul flight before (read more here and here) I thought I'd share my mostly non-beauty beach holiday essentials* with you instead. This is what I tend to bring to the beach with me. There are some more obvious essentials which I won't get into detail about such as a water bottle to stay hydrated, money, my phone, deodorant, a bikini and flip-flops. I mean, who wears normal shoes to the beach? But enough of the rambling, let's get started!

The most important thing is to always make sure you're protected from the sun. That's why I bring an inexpensive pair of sun glasses, I don't want my pretty ones to be ruined in the sand, some sort of pareo, my huge straw hat and sun cream. The zebra-striped pareo-thingy in the picture is from Calzedonia and I think it's really cute. When it comes to sun cream I usually start the holiday with an SPF 50 and go down to an SPF 30 when my skin is a little more used to the sun. For Thailand I'm testing the new Daylong 50+ Sensitive Regulating Face Fluid which looks mat on the skin. On the rest of my body I'm starting with the Ritual of Karma SPF 50 which smells absolutely delicious but I also want to test Louis Widmer's SPF 30 Waterproof Sun Gel. Anyhow, I'm making sure my skin is protected against the sun. 

I love to bring music to the beach so I pack my UE Wonderboom which is not only cute -let's please take a moment to appreciate its cuteness - but delivers great sound quality considering its size and it's water resistant too! However, I don't think it's always appropriate to blast everyone with my music so I often just use this in the hotel room and bring my Jaybird Freedom wireless earphones to the beach. They're extremely handy as they're noise cancelling, small and don't have a wire so I can use them on the plane as well as when I work out or just want to enjoy some music on the beach. The battery lasts a decent amount of time, the ear tips are changeable, they come in different sizes and materials, and some of them are washable which I find great. There's an easy app to adjust the sound settings to your liking. I did that once and now I'm happy with it but if you're adventurous, you could do that depending on your mood ;-) So, that's my earphones introduced. 

When I'm not too busy, you can usually find me on the couch with my kindle. Ok, let's be fair: my boyfriends kindle. But he doesn't use it and I have so much more love for it than he does. Anyway, when I'm heading to the beach, I rather bring a real book than the kindle. This time I decided to take Sapiens with me because I've heard tons of people raving about it so I thought I'd give it a go. 

That's about all I bring to the beach with me. What's in your beach bag?

Have a great day!

xx Cheryl

*press samples, all opinions are honest and my own.

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