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A Fragrance Wardrobe with Atelier Cologne

Whatever the occasion, we always try to find a suitable outfit to wear. We wouldn't wear a ballgown to the office or a summer outfit in winter but often, we do exactly that when it comes to choosing scents. That's why Atelier Cologne has the principle of a "Fragrance Wardrobe", which is easy to understand because it works just like your normal wardrobe. What's the occasion? What do you feel like? Then go to your fragrance wardrobe and choose your scent. I've been doing this for quite a while myself, I have perfumes which I only wear when I'm going out and I have my everyday perfume choices for every season. However, this developed over time and I didn't buy the scents with the intention of wearing them for a particular occasion or mood, it just kind of happened. Atelier Cologne on the other hand creates moments with their colognes. This means, the founders think of a moment and they try to recreate that in form of a cologne. According to one of the founders, Christophe Cervasel, they're both perfectionists and only bring the cologne to the market once they both agree they captured the moment. For example, there's La Rose Anonyme, which tells us the story of a woman who steals diamonds. You can read the story of each cologne on Atelier Cologne's website.  

The story of Atelier Cologne is pretty juicy, so I'd like to share the quick version with you: The founders and perfumers Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Ganter met in New York in 2006. They discovered their shared passion for Eau de Cologne and quickly fell in love. If I remember correctly, they were married at that point but decided to marry each other anyway, in order to work as a team on their dream to create a long-lasting, elegant Cologne of character. In 2009 they succeeded with founding Atelier Cologne, a fragrance house dedicated to cologne, and their Cologne Absolue, which counts as Pure Perfume due to containing 15% of essential oils. Hence, they're highly concentrated and made of the best natural raw material which the secret ingredient, a dose of love. 

Atelier Cologne* is available in Switzerland since about half a year and I recently got the chance to meet Christophe Cervasel at a PR event at Jelmoli. The main question I had to ask Christophe was to explain the difference between cologne, eau de toilette and perfume. Turned out I wasn't the only one with that question so it was addressed pretty quickly and there's more than one explanation. The correct one and the common one. At least that's what Christophe told us with a wide smile on his face. The common explanation is that a cologne contains 5% essential oils in the formula, whereas an eau de toilette contains 10%, eau de perfume 15% and a perfume over 15% of essential oils. The real definition of a cologne is that it is a perfume containing citrus from Italy. 

I always liked citrus based scents, especially in the warmer months so it comes as no surprise that I'm absolutely obsessed with the colognes. I highly recommend to pay a visit to Jelmoli or a store in your country which stocks Atelier Cologne. The counters look absolutely divine and the selection of colognes is out of this world. It's colorful, arranged beautifully and the shop assistants are very helpful while you're selecting your fragrance wardrobe. 

I got the chance to choose my two colognes and I spent as much time as possible to select the perfect two. It is not easy, I can tell you. Containing 32 different fragrances, the selection is insane, I wasn't able to test every single one and I liked so many of them but two of them were outstanding to me and I'm extremely happy with my choice. I went for Pomélo Paradis as my daily summer fragrance and Philtre Ceylan to wear on special occasions. Now I have to say that I love Philtre Ceylan so much, I want to wear it as often as possible so I might need to splurge on that 200ml bottle. What makes the Cologne Absolues so special in my opinion is that they smell pure and natural. The scents are strong but not overpowering and you can really tell what you're smelling. For whatever reason, it's the pureness of the scents which got me hooked. Pomélo Paradis has the very fresh scent of pomelo with a hint of sweetness. I don't like very sweet scents, especially in summer but this one is simply perfect for me. I'd say this is a cologne which most people will like. Philtre Ceylan won't be as popular, I guess. As the name suggests, it smells like black tea. I'm a tea lover and I instantly fell in love with Philtre Ceylan with its warm, spicy and mysterious scent. They're long lasting but I like to reapply them during the day because I just enjoy to do so. 

I know, I rave a lot in this blogpost but honestly, I loved the experience with Atelier Cologne and I can't get enough of my two fragrances. Surely, citrus scents aren't for everyone but not every cologne does smell really citrusy. Vanilla was a favourite of a lot of participants at the event, too and you can't tell the citrus in there, if you're worried about that. 

I could keep talking about the brand but I'm sure you noticed that I don't have any complaints about Atelier Cologne. Instead of telling you the story of my two picks I recommend to visit the brand's official website to read some stories or do a quick test to find your fragrance wardrobe. Now it's time to stop raving about the colognes and to tell you that these beauties aren't cheap but in my opinion well worth the money. The 100ml flacon costs CHF 159 and you can also get a beautiful personalized leather cover for the 30ml bottle, the one you can see in the picture above. It comes in 15 colours to choose from. Another difficult choice after testing all the colognes... I will definitely go back there to try some more. 

Do you know Atelier Cologne already? 

Have a great day!
xx Cheryl

*press samples, all opinions are honest and my own

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